Bandwidth & Storage

Hi Team,

I was wondering how much bandwidth does Storj use?, I have a node that has 550mbps download and 700mbps upload. Right now I have about 14TB of storage i’m sharing. I’ve been checking the speeds, been receiving max 0.5mbps download and .25 mbps upload at times thru storj. Everything seems to look fine with the Last Contact being 0s. I also I increased the bandwidth to 500TB. Egress and Ingress stayed the same for a few days, is it normal for both to stop?

Lets say hypothetically I create a 5 TB node in a location far away, will storj use alot of bandwidth or a little? As supposed to having lets say 20TB node, will increasing the storage amount result into higher bandwidth Download/Upload speeds? Or it doesn’t matter how big or how small the storage node is the speeds will fluctuate?

@dxchito Storj will use however much bandwidth you allocate to it. You decide how much space to hold, and you decide how much bandwidth to use per month. The network just stores however much it wants on your node and that’s how it is. The most you can do is just keep it reliably on the network. If you increase your reputation, your node should be trusted with more data. At the moment, it’s mostly test data from the Storj team, so don’t expect your speed to be too high constantly. When the network goes live, we will probably see a lot more usage because end-users and services will actually be utilizing the network on a constant basis.