Bandwidth transmitted per day per TB stored

I’ve seen some people mentioning a rule of thumb for both download and upload bandwidth. I’ve seen some people mention 15%, but how does that work? Like could someone tell me how much bandwidth is uploaded and downloaded per day per TB stored?
Random Note: GB per day per TB is honestly one of the longest data transmission measurements I have ever heard of.

I assume you mean the average downloads per storage used. It’s supposed to be 10% of monthly stored data of download traffic per month, if I understand correctly.
So for 1 TBmo used you would expect 100GB of download traffic to be used. But this is to be proven in practice with real usage ramping up, we will know more in the coming months, the volume is still too low and there aren’t enough usage and/or usage purposes yet.

So if I have a 6tb node, I will only need a 1.85mb/s network? I’m a bit confused. Also does a rule of thumb exist for upload?

Currently there is no real way to know because Tardigrade has few customers, so each customer has a lot of influence on the total traffic and data.

I have not seen much egress from the “customer” satellites.

No, the traffic will not be constant nor averaged down to a second. You will use 1.85 Mb/s* average, averaged over a month.
You will need much more than 1.8 Mb/s to be sure you will succeed in all 600 GB of traffic.

10% is an official guesstimation, real world transfers cannot be predicted accurately, we will know more in multiple months, when real traffic starts to ramp up. There are multiple possible purposes for Storj with drastically different usage patterns: backups will generate barely any egress from the network, and CDNs a huge amount of egress.