Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

I am sorry but that is not how billing for storage works. Customers will pay for each hour and minute any amount of data is stored on the network until deleted. It is not free just because you deleted it just before the end of the month. Please read the billing section of our docs for more details.
And I can assure you that Storj does not pay third parties to spam test data on Production satellite accounts either.

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It’s free for all the accounts so yes it is. Maybe not free for storj but free for customers. Also ingress isn’t charged it’s amount stored which is 1.50 per TB and most of that is free for customers who have accounts. And can easily be abused. 200k+ accounts and free 150gig and a coupon for 1.65 every month. I guess sooner or later we’ll find out if it’s real data or not.

Free tier accounts for new customers only include 25GB free. See recent announcement thread. The new free tier coupon only covers 37 US cents worth of usage. So no, most storage is not free for customers. And accounts of people abusing the system are already being dealt with. We may make more adjustments to the free tier terms if the recent change is not sufficient to curtail most abuse.


From internal stats you should precisely know if this is real customer data, becouse you managed to onboard someone or someone is playing with the system.

Frankly, I don’t understand, why you can not announce that "we are happy to share that we managed to start a cooperation with a customer, running XY type of business. They are expected to upload YX PB of data to our network, so enjoy! :slight_smile: ".

You don’t need to name the customer if it is not allowed, but such announcement would help build the trust.

According to Storj Network Stats, there was almost 100K new user registration in march for EU1, before the rule was changed. 1/3rd of all the registered users popped up within a month. This can not be without reason.


to low ingress people conplain,
to high ingress people complain.

conclusion, people complain.


That is what I am trying to find out with this post:

nobody can really know.
storj test sats looks like 40% of the total used.
but some customers will also test…

the only bad thing about test data, is its usually low egress a bit like old data…
customers are similar to us.
the older the data gets the more rarely we use it.

maybe test data isn’t even the worst…



I am not worried about if it is customer data or not. As you rightly said, you can‘t predict egress. I am more worried that we don’t have real growth of customer data and what we saw the last months is just synthetic growth.

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high ingress with the same egress of half stored data people complain.
don’t simplify too much

Storj have to know it! Their accounting system should tell it as they calculate the customers’ costs on daily base (or even on real time).

BTW it can be found out by a very easy report:
How many of the total registered accounts are on free tier?
What is the stored amount of these accounts?

How many of the total registered accounts were upgraded from free tier?
What is the stored amount of these accounts?

And all of the above by satellite.

In a minute they can figure out if someone is playing with the free tier or a real, big customer started to upload their data. Btw, if someone with over PB of data would like to join, he had to talk with sales and sales support first…

It is crystal clear for them, just they don’t share the info. :slight_smile:

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I believe we shared that we are adjusting free tier limits due to abuse, and that may get adjusted further in order to limit ongoing issues around it. Some potential free tier abusers likely created many accounts which have not been purged yet. Some growth is going to be due to this free tier abuse.

If you ask me how much and such, I don’t know because I don’t know what any one abuser is doing that breaks terms of service versus legit usage of the network. That is something our engineering team is working on.

Synthetic (test) data is not put on production servers. Minus some QA style testing data that is small for performance tracking and bug checks, etc.

No one at Storj is looking to add extra data to enlarge expenditure, except where JG already mentioned.

We do have a newsletter where we announce business deals and happenings when it makes sense to do so. We don’t control customers, so even if they were to tell us, “We have 500 PB of data we are going to upload!” doesn’t tell us when, how quickly, and for how long. We do have capacity planning discussions with customers. But to tell SNO’s that 500 PB is incoming is outside of our knowledge. It all depends on the customer’s timing, not our own.

I would expect some of this data to be erased at some point due to cleansing the abusers off the platform. Storage allotments will lower. The timing is unknown right now. I am making an assumption. It “could” be all legit data. Probably not though. Once the free tier abuse is managed, we will have a better idea of customer data flow.


That is great to hear!

Crazy ingress atm peaking above 500mbit/s on all my nodes.

Yes at this rate I’ll do over 1TB in under a month on my node.

near 3tb per node if everything will never stop

hello, could you explain to me how to make a graph like this?


here you have all info:

I was wondering. The load is increasing but the est. Payout is declining. Can Someone explain it to me or is it normal?
Est. Payout started at 23usd at the beginning and is now at 21.8usd.

As i can only add 1 image. Here is the usage from one day: