Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

The second point isn’t yet implemented as far as I know. So although it could be phrased differently your node could still egress data when running version 1.24.x

Stopped again since Friday…

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Nobody commenting on the crazy sustained upload peak?

Unfortunately ingress doesnt do much for us expect fill our nodes with possible useless data…


exactly. I hope is not “artificial” data for filling nodes

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@agente the recent ingress is not artificial or test or synthetic. Look at the stats…

It’s almost all coming from EU1 - the customer satellite!


synthetic data can be on any sat not just test sats, though it feels like synthetic data and not customer data because there’s hardly any egress for the amount of ingress over 2 PB in 2 weeks.

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From previous Storj statements this is untrue. Only test satellites are used for synthetic data from Storj. Are you suggesting a third party running synthetic data?

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Possibly hard to tell if it’s storj or a 3rd party but it certainly feels like testing like 3 years ago getting 100+ gigs per day but now there’s 22900 nodes and we’re still hitting 100+ gigs a day. So yeah 3rd party is possible. Storj hires a company to test the network to its maximum possibility to see what it can handle. Also feels like a way to push smaller SNOs that don’t have much data to be full.

Based on recent announcements about Storj trying to reduce SNO costs I don’t believe they would be running a test as you’re suggesting. To me it looks like standard backup type data - large data size with frequent deletions.

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Either way it’s pretty useless data since none of it is egress. We can argue about it but since we can’t know for sure to me it’s testing not a simple back up delete this is a high scale massive amounts of bandwidth and that screams testing to me. It already filled my node that i just ran GE on and egress isn’t higher it’s much much lower then ud expect.

Ok if we’re making guesses I’ll guess it’s a Storj competitor trying to bankrupt Storj as they haven’t yet reduced the SNO fees enough so currently any network activity causes them to ‘lose’ money (tokens).

Storj doesn’t pay for ingress data it’s free so someone could spam delete upload delete before the month is up. All for free. There’s a lot of free storj accounts someone could abuse as well. EU1 has by far the most free accounts so someone could abuse this and happens to be EU1 where there’s tons of ingress…

I am sorry but that is not how billing for storage works. Customers will pay for each hour and minute any amount of data is stored on the network until deleted. It is not free just because you deleted it just before the end of the month. Please read the billing section of our docs for more details.
And I can assure you that Storj does not pay third parties to spam test data on Production satellite accounts either.

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It’s free for all the accounts so yes it is. Maybe not free for storj but free for customers. Also ingress isn’t charged it’s amount stored which is 1.50 per TB and most of that is free for customers who have accounts. And can easily be abused. 200k+ accounts and free 150gig and a coupon for 1.65 every month. I guess sooner or later we’ll find out if it’s real data or not.

Free tier accounts for new customers only include 25GB free. See recent announcement thread. The new free tier coupon only covers 37 US cents worth of usage. So no, most storage is not free for customers. And accounts of people abusing the system are already being dealt with. We may make more adjustments to the free tier terms if the recent change is not sufficient to curtail most abuse.


From internal stats you should precisely know if this is real customer data, becouse you managed to onboard someone or someone is playing with the system.

Frankly, I don’t understand, why you can not announce that "we are happy to share that we managed to start a cooperation with a customer, running XY type of business. They are expected to upload YX PB of data to our network, so enjoy! :slight_smile: ".

You don’t need to name the customer if it is not allowed, but such announcement would help build the trust.

According to Storj Network Stats, there was almost 100K new user registration in march for EU1, before the rule was changed. 1/3rd of all the registered users popped up within a month. This can not be without reason.


to low ingress people conplain,
to high ingress people complain.

conclusion, people complain.


That is what I am trying to find out with this post: