Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

hunted down this one fer ya!
a spike in egress on my 60 seconds chart – 2000kB ~=16Mbits
those kind can get you capped with your upstream. But they are sporadic.


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So my internet connection clearly bottlenecks my node but it doesn’t seem to fail that many downloads though and nodes are selected randomly not even in function of their upload speed.
I’m wondering if the speed of the internet connection really has an impact on egress or not.

I got only 12Mbit/s upload and still got lots of egress so it’s not that bad. But at some point it might be a visible bottleneck

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i did the math for kevink upload limit not long ago… i think i settled on anything less than a 10tb node and you will on avg not be able to really measure it… however at 20tb it will most certainly be a thing to strongly consider…

alas we cannot really say for sure, because it’s just approximations, only real way to be sure is to keep monitoring and comparing… tho i really should start to look into making that and the math of it an automatic process…

extracting it out of each node is pretty straight forward with a some work and learning on my part… but not sure where it would be best to locate the data… i suppose one could make like a gmail and just dump it on a speadsheet… or something similar… like was suggested by somebody at the beginning of the thread

don’t forget that there is a voting feature on the forum, where you can help select what policies / features should be in the future versions of Storj.

have you mesured power consuption and what servers do you use?

Sorry, but It will be offtopic for this thread, let’s keep it clean.

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Can you tell your specs?
How old are your nodes?
How did you manage to fill 60TB space?
what’s your ingress values?
What’s your egress values?
Can you post a picture of your traffic?

Or is it just a hoax?

I have 4 desctop PCs 5-6 HDD per PC. OS on SSD or NVMe and all databases on SSD or NVMe it gives fast responce time. Some PCs are Pendium(last year edition) some I5 about 4-5 years old. 1 dual core pc. And looks like Pentium is more eficient than I5, it have faster buses.
and 1 pc i3 last year edition. All runing windos GUI nodes. about 2/3 nodes are full.
Part of nodes about part of nodes are 9 months old. most HDDs are 4TB.
I have 2 fiber lines with separete providers. All nodes have UPS.

Last month was bad.

year chart

chart from this year beause of router is new one.
I have 300/300 mbit connections.

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You can look some on rigs thread
Like one of my location


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This TP-Link work OK, on some points we used them for Video security but, thay work bad when you have lot of small packets. Storj mooving lot of small packets, I use Full Gbit router with 700Mhz quadcore and it go hot.

Can you specify what is your average ingress per day (it can be sum of all PC’s) - looks like currently it is 50-60Mb daily (green) which translates to ~6MB ->1.5MB per node.
I get like 1.5MB on my whole network and I have 1Gb/300Mb fiber

How did you configure your subnet to manage to get 1.5MB per node if IT guys from STORj say that max you can get is one stream of data shared among all nodes in the same network?

I keep an eye on my monitoring script. All Ok with this nodes. Also where is slow 100mbit connection.
And this is not a router. This is switch.
Router is a top case with 2x xeons 2011
I suggest move on rigs thread.

I have 2 fiber networks from diffternt providest, so I have different subnets it duble trafic. Also when your trafic is separated in lot of hdds i have better responce time and more chanses to win tha race.
Same things with Databases, thay are on SSD or NVMe, so HDDs are dealing only with read/write data what once more give faster writing speed.

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different subnets it duble traffic.

Nice! that explains 2x more traffic

Same things with Databases, thay are on SSD or NVMe

how did you get databases separated from storage?
Because my storage is created in subfolder of DBs
is there a parameter that you can specify for DBs?

also location can mater.

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I use windows GUI, and from some version it can be separeted. I thing it is from 1.6.3 verson only.
option in config
Storage2.Database-Dir: C:\Program Files\Storj5

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Colleagues, please keep thread clean, it not a chat, thank for understanding.

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my stats


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@Krey come to this thread please Bandwidth utilization comparison thread