Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

it’s the same for everyone, mostly slow going for now…


Yeah, it has slowed down.

If i understand correctly seeing recent posts and bandwith drop for everybody, 99% of the data we usualy get is test data. Since test data is ~0 ; what we see now is true customer data?

You can always check the dashboard, saltlake and europe-north are test satellites. all others are real customers.

that was also my understanding but now I am more skeptical.
I find it hard that unpredictable customer data would behave that way. The only explanations I can come up with are that either all satellites send us some kind of test data or there’s been some problem which caused customers to upload less data.

I say that because europe-west, us-central and asia-east used to have a pretty stable average bandwidth use and it suddenly dropped to very low levels exactly the same day.
Maybe someone from the storj team could shine some light on this so that we don’t have to speculate…

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Yeah, looks interesting:





Drop in traffic on the “client” satellites at almost exactly the same time.


Thanks, @Pentium100
It really interesting statistic, I would like to expose more details about one node traffic:




all in all it looks pretty much like i would expect if somebody pulled the big breaker at a nuclear power plant…

all power in the region goes out, even if not immediately, because of various latent effects.

Could be possible that there’s less data because of all the issues with orders so everything is going to a stand still.


I don’t think that would really matter much.
I mean, it was also just weekend. If some tests stopped during the weekend they may be resumed today again. Slow traffic happens, there isn’t necessarily something wrong. We all know it will also pick up again at some point. So I wouldn’t worry about it so much.


Oh I’m not worried seems like a lot are comin out of the wood works cause data is low me I don’t care it gives my nodes a break this month.

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You’re so imaginative… :sweat_smile:

Which suggests all satellites are testing in fact, not only saltlake. Oh well…
I just hope Tardigrade will eventually be actually used a lot by real users, but I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day.

@Odmin Amazing charts by the way.


agreed @Odmin charts are very nice and easy to read… unlike some peoples charts that make alchemical texts look trivial.

shouldn’t really be a big surprise tho… ofc there maybe different kinds of test data…
there maybe the kind the use to pay us with and the kind they use to do more detailed tests.
might be that the data stored from the other satellites are long term almost never test data… ofc some of it would be… because they would need some way to track and verify stuff…

i try lol to imagine… usually end up rambling tho… fluent in geberish what can i say… xD

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so today something new happened… i’m unsure if i’ve actually see this become, aside from when we switched to 1.13.1 as minimum version…

and i believe that was both egress that was affected. or was it ingress… no matter… was just weird to see it zero out… exact same thing happened on all 3 nodes of mine… all on v1.15.3
sure it’s nothing… just figured somebody else might be seeing the same thing and be wondering.


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Same here as well… Repair Egress 0 on both nodes.

i sense that the repair sequence is finally over… had been running for god knows how long.

Someone push the button and bandwidth is back

yep looks much better now