Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

Egress reduced to 5-10% from last day.

Ingress is normal

This is a old node of my seven nodes.

Immagine 2020-11-13 165927

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Both my Fiber and Coax node dropped to <=2GB egress pretty much over night, yea. Repair Egress though, that’s still pumping pretty good.

Is Storj dead? 20TB Node and 1.2GB Egress… repair 4gb…
My 12TB node looks even worse. 360MB egress xD

Is thats a joke?

i’m seeing similar lows, it happens from time to time, weekends also usually aren’t the peak times, how knows but yeah i can confirm, tho i do suspect it might be my version that is causing it, are you running v1.16.1 yet?

but since there have been issues with 1.16.1 i haven’t updated… was kinda expecting a patch to rollout shortly after release, but seems like that might not happen and if this is due to my version, i really should get around to updating.

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The same for me, on all nodes with different IP.
sometimes the egress is almost zero.

@SGC My nodes all run on 1.16.1
Luckily I had no problems after the update.

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as i’m sure most of us sort of knows, even if we don’t really accept it… then most of the network data is test data, storj pushes on us or uses for … whatever … so that SNO’s can make money and persist in being the backbone of tardigrade.

this gives our statistics some caveats like storj labs, may have a button or a timer or a processing running a segment of test data egress ingress whatever and when such a button is pressed, timer expires or process completes… there may not be anyone around to push the button, a new timer set or a query of processes waiting to be run.

and thus network traffic across the network will wildly vary…

there may also be reasons to turn of test data… like say one doesn’t have a good overview of just how much is test data and what is actual data… or if the current user use cases actually affects the operation of the network in unexpected ways.

i could keep rambling, but the point / conclusion would really just be the same.
we mainly get test data and thus it will change radically at times, for various reasons…


my nodes running with v1.16.1

I understand that it can’t always be the same but 1.2GB egress in one day is very little…

At some point, however, user data should also come. Only test data is not sustainable for Storj in the long run because the user simply does not pay. If you then consider what you pay for fees for all the transfers. Phew, this is going to be a pretty big bottomless pit.

Right now you can see very well what the real user data is and that is ridiculous … But there is no big advertisement for Tardigrade anywhere … Anyway, I haven’t seen any Tardigrade advertisements.

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yeah it also made me check that stuff was running correctly and why i bothered writing on the thread also, because i was interested in figuring out if something was wrong…

what we don’t get today we can get tomorrow instead… so really it’s nothing to worry about… ofc with the whole orders.db debacle one can easily start to worry.

turning off the test data may be a very useful tool for storj labs, while they can… because now the network isn’t busy but one day it will be a monster that never sleeps, and cannot be stopped, decreased or even corrected by much.

tardigrade isn’t really targeted at most people, it’s suppose to be the backbone of cloud developed software… so like say if you were making a dropbox type app… then you would use tardigrade as the backbone and just slap an app on top…

so tho you maybe right, i’m not sure it will matter, because if we aren’t in the target group, then i doubt we would see it…

i have seen it in the news a few times, if they wanted it in the news, it’s pretty easily done when one is running what might just be the biggest truly distributed cloud network in the world…
just do a few amazing things with it, that makes people go uhhh, and ahhhh que applause… xD

but maybe that’s just me being a bit to creative, so i spot those kinda things very easily.
also most people think of this as like cloud backup…

but thats so not what it is… there is no way hot hdd storage can compete with cold storage…
tardigrade distributed cloud has certain advantages and it’s people that can utilize these advantages to save money that is the target marked / user.

or should be…
advantages such as bandwidth… because the network consists of thousands of nodes on hundreds if not thousands of internet connections, the bandwidth capacity is explosive to most likely unrealistic amounts… i bet we could do a 1 terabit data transfer speeds, who knows maybe we could do a petabit transfer rate…

redundanct is another advantage, its geographically distributed and thus very redundant.
so high uptime, and nearly no impact from the outside world, no matter what happens.

security, from the way it works, it’s very difficult to actually gain access to the data people upload, if not impossible, but usually atleast in theory most stuff can be broken… even if AES512 or whatever requires more energy than a star like the sun would produce in it’s life time to bruteforce decrypt it… so maybe impossible :smiley: who knows… most likely will change like such things do.

and i’m sure there are many more i cannot remember right now…

doesn’t have a true geographically location so the data is faster in general, while it might be limited depending on where one is located… even in a country with bad internet, storj nodes may exist and that might make up for the lack of good internet access and keep tardigrade fast an reliable… i duno… it’s possible.

but if one is doing cold storage… doing live computation on the data… then it doesn’t make sense to split it up and encrypt it…

tardigrade has some things it’s good at and other things it’s not good at… only those that will use it for what it’s good at, will have a nice experience out of it… because if one use it for what it’s bad at… then one will have a terrible experience or cost.

but i think tardigrade has some nice advantages, but one has to be very aware of what they are, thus mass marketing might not be the best idea.


I know exactly why egress is low… it’s because I’m migrating my nodes and they are offline :rofl: Storjlabs doesn’t want me to miss out on egress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding… it happens from time to time that there is no egress or no ingress. They might be switching test patterns or encounter a problem they want to fix first. We’ll probably see some more egress again on Monday or Tuesday.


Last 7 days traffic.
And i started to get concerned about setting up more nodes because i would have ran out of free space if the trend was keeping up.

this ingress is nothing, for a few months back when i started my first v3 node we got like 250-300gb a day

making more nodes is just more stuff to keep track of and more overhead, not worthwhile if one can avoid it.

ofc 300gb ingress a day isn’t the avg… either… but it just shows how rapid data can come in also… and as much as i like my disks filled… i would much rather get all the data rather than run out…
how knows if the stuff thats coming in when one runs out is the good egress data :smiley:

and i got no idea how to read those graphs lol

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Those were the good days, right after I started my first node.
It’s unfortunate that most of the data on the network is still test data but I’m confident that customers will slowly start to trickle in.

True but I’ll let storjlabs worry about that. As long as they are paying us well, I don’t see a reason to be worried about the amount of user or test data.

I have less than 50 mb of usage for last week (but alot of repair traffic). Is at ok?

Complete stats of my node can be found here:

I’m also getting very little traffic lately. I still don’t have centralized monitoring so i logged in and checked a few nodes at random and they were all online. (i figured something was wrong)

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This is unfair to compare. You’ve completed GE on 4 satellites. Once GE is complete you won’t get any more ingress or egress traffic.

@Stob A week ago I still had usage traffic and I`m still connected to one of satellites for few months, I should be working anyway.

It’s still unfair to compare. You’ve limited yourself to 20% of the network as only the europe-north satellite will ever give you ingress or egress possibility. Also for the first 5 days of the month you were running an old storagenode version so the ingress was 0 bytes. Now it’s been upgraded, ingress in continuing.

You can use the realistic earnings calculator as a guide for your 500GB node, which is now expanded - Realistic earnings estimator. For the limits you’ve placed on the node you’re well within the margins.


It was not because of old storagenode version, my node was limited to 500 GB (and it was full), and a week ago I’ve changed it to 1.75 TB.