Bandwidth with no used space

Is this normal? 1 gb of traffic and 0 data in the storage? I started the node today.

lets whatch to it tomorrow, it start to grow not so fast, as it it not used space but used space with used time. To get 1 GB*h you need 1 Gb at least 1 hower. It updatelitle slow.

but how is it that is transfers 1GB of data and not a single bit is stored?

to have 24GB*h you need 1GB hold for 24 h time. dashbord update it not so fast.
is it 0 yet? Some of it trafic is Egress and only Ingress is alocated data to your node, how much Ingress you have?

Still 0 and the scale is in bytes per hour…
Right now I have 850 ingress and 320MB egress

how long your node is runing? howers?

For 9H 45MINS


From CLI is storing 500MB, so maybe the webinterface needs more time to update

Hello @l0rdraiden,
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Please, try to refresh the page

I already tried refresh, even a different browser, still nothing.
If this is not normal, how can I troubleshot it? shall I restart the docker?

You should let it run longer. Check it day later.

Now I have 19GB/h, isn’t that too much?

it’s 19.75GB*h, not 19.75GB/h and should be reasonable.

Which country is your node located in?

It’s located in Spain, why?

Nice to meet some Spanish friends
I am in China