Bandwith Cap Limited

Quick question guys , in the Storagenode run command i gave 120Tb as available bandwith, but in the dashboard I can only see 60Tb. Is there a bandwith cap limit depending the how much space you have? ( atm I have 1TB hdd space).

Please, give me result of the command:

docker inspect storagenode -f "{{ .Config.Env }}" | grep -Po "BANDWIDTH=.*? "

docker inspect storagenode -f β€œ{{ .Config.Env }}” | grep -Po "BANDWIDTH=.*? "

So, you have not changed your bandwidth.
To do so, you need to stop and remove the container and run it back with all your parameters include changed ones.
To stop and remove the container:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

To run the container:

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Works now, thank you again Alexey , I owe you a like 2 beers

Just a heads up You will never hit 120TB in one month, Putting it this high doesnt allow for more bandwidth.


…let alone 10…

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