Best external case for 3,5 HDD´s

Hi i need help pls for buy a good external case for my pi4, My problem is the most HDD case are not with a cooler and the hdd temp for the storj node are very high (min50 celsius). What for external casees are the best? (usb 3 or Sata?)

I think it should have a mechanical switch so it automatically switches back on in case of power outage.

I posted some info on mine in the past:

It’s made of metal so it does dissipate heat ok, but it doesn’t have any fan though so it might not fit what you’re looking for.
The disk in it does get quite hot during summer (around 50°C indeed), but it doesn’t seem to be a problem so far as this disk model is known to get quite hot anyway… :thinking:

I wonder if USB3 interface is good enough in comparison to SATA.

I can speculate that yes, it is; based in the teorical capacity of USB3, but I’ll be alert in case that USB3 give us headaches when a node gets big enough.

Any thoughts?

Considering Storj network’s activity, even USB2 is enough. Besides, unless you have a very fast fiber connection (e.g. 500Mbit/s or more), USB2 is faster than what ISPs provide us with.

This said, my take on this is that if you have the option to connect your disk with SATA, it’s always a better option than any USB interface; not because of the speed, but because SATA is intended to be used 24/7, whereas USB is not. So stability tends to be better with SATA than USB.


Nice insight @Pac

My take will probably be to keep my node using USB3 and have another with SATA in order to monitor both as the nodes are growing.

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I think put HDD to external case is bad idea, they usually have bad cooling. So if you use case, hold it open and put some fan for cooling. overheating will kill hdd.

Not using any myself, but there are regular recommendations on r/datahoarder, e.g.

you most likely need something that has like 4 drives for it to have a fan…
not sure tho, haven’t really due into that… most external enclosures for single disk i’ve seen is more or less a closed box… which is crap

a usb hdd dock seems pretty okay… still no fan, but they are dirt cheap and open air, so one could rig up a fan if needed…

this looks like a pretty good deal…
not sure if it has a fan, but it sure is affordable.

something like this is pretty nice for an old tower case with 5.25" bays… if it will fit…

plenty of options out there… just a matter of how much time you want to put in.

ofc its easy to buy some crap… those that buy to cheap, often buy twice…

It depends on how far you want to go with it. I’m using this.

That might seem overkill at first and it wasn’t as cheap as I would like it to be. But it has great cooling (better than my NAS even) and I have 6 nodes running on there already, with plenty of room to expand. USB3 is not an issue as long as your OS can deal with it reliably. If you plan to run nodes long term, something like this or one with fewer bays is excellent. But be sure to check out reviews about cooling (and noise if you care about that).

Sata is always better, but I wouldn’t worry about USB3 for speeds.