Best file format system for Windows for storing Storj data

I am actually planning to use an SSD to run my Windows 10 OS on my PC. And HDD to store the data. So, can anybody tell me what file format should I use to store the Storj data? And please explain why?

Windows nodes should use NTFS.


I am planning to run my Windows 10 OS on SSD. Please recommend me if sata SSD from Samsung of 6.0 speed would be compatible with an old PC running Intel core 2 duo processor with ESONIC G31 Motherboard?

it shold work but not so fast as you expect may be. As old pcs has SataII interface.

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Thanks for the info!!!

what do you think are the alternatives to NTFS? explain please

I think there is only exFat on windows. wouldn’t use fat32 lol

The SATA II controller of your G31 chipset will limit the SSD’s throughput to 3.0Gbps but yes, it will work just fine.