Best format for storing videos on Storj

Hello Storj Community,

If we want to use Storj for storing videos for a video streaming platform, what is best format for such use case, .m3u8 ( HLS ) is the preferred format but as we set-up a demo account we found out that Storj supports buffering in MP4 too.

Still wanna know what is best format we can use to provide good video streaming experience
.m3u8 or .MP4

Hi @im_ayushtiwari! If you want to store and stream videos through, e.g., Link Sharing Service, I would opt for whatever is best supported by the web browsers or the application you want to use for streaming. Link Sharing Service and Gateway-MT will try to guess the content type from user metadata and uploaded file extension to tell the browser (for example) how to interpret this stream of bytes. If you want to use our native integration (uplink library), the format and how your application interprets it is up to you.

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Hi @im_ayushtiwari,
One StorJ DCS customer who is video streaming using .m3u8 is TribeSocial. You can see their demo page here - With Chrome developer tools you can see the .m3u8 load and the .ts files being called as the video plays.


Please note when transcoding videos the video segments would ideally be 64MB (or close to but not over) which is the block size on the Storj network. If that buffers too slow try 32MB or even 16MB.