Best Linux OS for a Raspberry pi

Which linux operating system do you recommend for a Raspberry pi

Ubuntu server

RaspiOS. Preferably in 64bit

I always use ubuntu. but raspiOs is good too since both are debian based

I’d say one which is compatible with it among the ones you are the most comfortable with!

Personally I’m still on Raspbian 32bit, it works. It’s not a recommendation, but I use it and it’s OK.
Never tried anything else on my RPi 4B though, so I don’t know how better or worse other options might be.

Depending on the amount of RAM you have though, I don’t know if 64bit would be a good idea as 64bit programs tend to use more RAM in general.


It has 4 GB of RAM but it is only for the node itself that I imagine that with that it will have plenty to put 64bit.

Considering my RPi 4B has 4GB of RAM too, and uses around 350 to 500MB in average, OS included (headless though), for running 6 nodes, you should be fine even with a 64bit OS.

I heard 64bit might be more performant, so… I say go for it :slight_smile:


I also have a Pi with Raspian and arm32 in operation because my Zabbix server is running on it and Zabbix does not offer any packages for arm64. But it fits quite well because I always have very good comparisons and with the Zabbix server I also have the motto “never change a running system” :smiley:

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Ubuntu seems easier to boot from gpt disks i.e. big disks

you can even make the rpi run from a zfs root with ubuntu :smiley: Tried it with 4GB Pi and keeping it xD

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I use RaspberryOS on all of my nodes, all being 4GB models. I like it.

I use DietPi for a lot of stuff on RPi’s. Nice and lite leaving some resources to items I want to run.