Best VPN options with port forwarding

What are your favorite VPN providers, featuring port forwarding?

Are there free alternatives which include a no-log policy?

Nobody is using a vpn? :smile:

You can search this forum for VPN and find several threads about it. But long story short, it will work only with VPNs with port forwarding feature. It will not work without a public IP.

There are several options, for example PIA, ngrok,, pureVPN and so on. You can Google for “VPN with port forwarding” to find more options.


I think the main problem is that the ping time is fairly high on some vpns so it leads to lots of cancelled uploads.

PIA (privateinternetaccess) offers port forwarding and even dedicated IP for some extra payment. There is a trial option so you can test it out free.

Did test it, but random ports are too complicated to handle. I thought about PureVPN, but not yet convinced, investing extra money upfront to wait 10 months to earn enough to cover the cost. I do want to support the project, but the project does not support „the extra mile“. :innocent: