Best way to get some BNBs?

Anyone knows a way to receive a tiny amount of BNB? Just need 0.005 and it is kind of ridicoulus to see exchange minimums and fees for this. Maybe somebody knows a reliable faucet or something?

Sorry for not really answering your question but why do you need BNB?

I assume this is because you defined a Binance wallet address and want to exchange STORJ for another coin/token (or even fiat).
If this is so, you should know that specifying an exchange wallet address on your node is not recommended. Indeed, the exchange platform may change this address without telling you. Plus, keep in mind that you don’t have the private key of this address. technically, it’s not yours.

I would recommend you to use your own Ethereum address and keep safe your seed/private key.
Then, if you need to swap for another token, just use Uniswap…

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For staking AWC. Some receive free Uniswap tokens. Some receive free AWC. :roll_eyes:

Sorry I don’t understand ^^ Why do you need BNB to stake AWC?

I have no idea. It’s what my Atomic Wallet has told me: I need 0.005 BNB to stake my minimum 10 AWC. :dizzy_face:
I believe they will get moved somewhere on the chain and therfore need ‘Gas’ on the BNB-chain.

Then sorry, I can’t help :confused:

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Maybe try searching on google?

I believe in such matter the personal experience from users is far more better and reliable than what Google is trying to sell.

This forum isnt for asking where to get other cryptos is it? Kinda what im getting at… Theres only one way to get other coins is exchanging it to another.

This forum is not dedicated to a specific category. And there seem to be experienced cryptocurrency users on here. So why not. I don’t see any broken rules.

Well maybe you should ask differently then instead of trying to sound like you want to get a handout, maybe ask what is the best way to exchange my storj to BNB. Cause there is plenty of talk of how to exchange one coin to another.

Exchanging is only one option. There are potentially so many others like faucets, airdrops, sign up bonuses just to name a few. I had no intention to limit my question to exchanging that’s why I haven’t done so.

Well that’s why I said use google if you want help getting a hand out that is the best place. Google has a lot more Info if you can’t find it there maybe there’s no hand outs for BNB. Then come here to ask for advice where’s the best place to exchange coins. No one like people just asking for hand outs.

I really can’t help you if you read it that way.

Well I read it like I see it.

That is very obvious.

Must not be obvious enough to you that’s why no one except me has said anything…

Maybe it is clear for you now?

No not really still sounds like you just want a free hand out still.

You are free to stick to your opinion of course.