Best way to prepare for a power outage or internet disconnection

Hello, I have been advised that there will be a power outage in a few days, this cut is about 6 hours, what is the best way to act in an event of this type? What consequences will I have on my reputation?

As far as I know, if your node will be offline more than 5 hours it will be disqualified

right now the uptime is not being taken into consideration, so your node will not be disqualified for being offline but you may lose some reputation. You will regain it shortly after bringing the node back online. If you know there will be an outage at a speciifc time, it would be best to shut down the node rather than having it abruptly be taken offline, and possibly suffer data corruption. The best preparation would be to obtain an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and hook your node and router up to it, so that at least you will be protected for some hours, and once you notice that the power outage has begun, you can safely shut down the node before the battery on the UPS runs out and avert the danger of a database corruption. The UPS also will protect your node in the future at least for short outages and reduce downtime.


This plus running something like NUT to handle graceful shutdowns, if your UPS supports being connected via USB.

Just curious how many SNOs comply with 5hrs downtime a month…
Recently had ~36hrs blackout, UPS covered 24hrs so i had 12hrs downtime for 6 month of operation…
Would be not that nice to be DQ for such an emergency case :thinking:

5hour down time is no longer going to be a thing but a thing of the past there improving the downtime features it wont be 5 hour downtime a month though. It wont be a instant DQ for a downtime of 5 hours.

Here is one of the topics talking about the new downtime tracking.