Beta - Any need to change storagenode image tag?

With the Beta milestone reached, do we need to modify docker command to use a new image tag rather than storagenode:alpha?

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As of right now, no as we haven’t gotten to it yet. With that said, we probably will for next week’s deploy.

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Looks like there isn’t, I used the old alpha tag when nobody responded which one to use. Seems to still be the correct one.

Looks like this has now been updated in the storagenode setup instructions (i.e. use beta tag now)

Update: As of right now, you can use either storagenode:alpha or storagenode:beta

But I assume :alpha will be deprecated at some point? Probably best to move to :beta

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Yes definitely move to beta, but in the documentation it says

Previous versions of docker run will not work. Copy the updated command below.

Which might cause some confusion. That was from when we switched over from -v to --mount options.

We are soon about to send a newsletter that recaps the beta announcement.


We are now using the :beta tag across all platforms.

Docs have been updated :slight_smile:

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If we originally set up a node using the alpha tag and also have watchtower set up, going forward will that pull the correct image for updating the node?

for now, yes, but you should probably switch to beta anyway to future proof.

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