Better communication from Storj

Major changes should be communicated earlier and through multiple channels.

Currently many major changes are posted to this forum only - and sometimes only after they’ve taken effect (eg. the new minimum payout).

All major changes to SNO’s should both be posted to this forum AND emailed. Not everyone reads these forums regularly.

Also, if at all possible, notice about major changes should be sent at least a month before they take effect.

The current communication policies don’t give an image of professionalism.
It seems like telling SNO’s what’s happening isn’t that important to Storj.


While I understand that sometimes Storj may not have a month to notify node operators in advance, but it would still be nice to get an email about the major changes, even if the main comes 15 minutes before the change.

Things like “we will now suspend/disqualify for bad uptime” are important to everyone, even people who do not read this forum every day.

Yes, some node operators have not specified their email and such, but why the field even exists if it’s not used because some node operators do not want emails?


I agree. I have been saying for quite some time now, that “STORJlabs needs to learn how to send emails”. Every SNO provides his email when running a node (fake or real doesn’t matter), so sending an email to all SNOs is not difficult. It’s already done for DQ and Suspension.


I agree too. I just add that official blog also is silent about any changes for SNO.

The subscribe to “blog” feature never worked. It has been reported a year ago but its not on priority. Now it shows an error page for any input.

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I saw it too many times :smiley:

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thanks for flagging. we checked and the team had also noticed it too. they have been working on it.