Big customers onboarded?

EU sattelite loadin insane ammount of data.
only for today node got arount 50GB of ingress from eu1.storj


the same thing, a lot of ingress but low egress

As usual in Europe… bad place for egress

This is nice!

But I’m confused. According to, between EU1 and US1 there has been about 8 PB of ingress in the last 30 days, yet the graph at the top for all sats only shows a ~1.3 PB increase for the same period. Am I retarded and reading this wrong or is there clearly an issue there?

It looks correct. During that time there was a big deletion causing lots of trash, as well as the ‘normal’ amount of data churn. I don’t have exact figures but it’s not unusual for a node to only have a small net gain in used space each day.

So you think almost 7 PB got deleted in that 30 days? I haven’t seen any significant increase in deleted data…

Interestingly there seems to be an active incident with increased demand in US leading to degraded performance on the S3 gateway….
Something is happening for sure :slight_smile:

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Suppose that’s a good sign.

But if it’s really some new customer they need to upload their data first before they can download, right? So all is possible.

Yes, but disappointing that the service fell over (slightly exaggerating here, I know) under the load. Especially if this was a planned massive onboarding.

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Well yeah, if they knew ahead of time and didn’t scale accordingly then yeah that’s a little worse. Could have been a new customer at the same time existing ones decided to slam the network too. This sorta stuff is always more of a balancing act in the early stages. But the fact that the’re getting hit harder than expected is clearly good though.