Billing shows more than actual use

Billing shows more than actual use:
But! Look at real usage:
Each file is 268435456 bytes in size (256MiB)
198 files * 256 MiB = 32.25GiB and billing says that I use 67.9GB and 1453 files. WTF?!

I once had an issue that i had an old uplinkbinary and access key, where some of my data wasn’t showed up. Try to create a new accesskey (for the whole/all Buckets), apply it and update the uplinkbinary, maybe you see the data now?

Same situation.

@storj great (no)reaction and support))

For actual user support you should create a support ticket - Submit a request – Storj

This is the community forum.

Well, I tried to contact them through the bug bounty program, but I didn’t get a response for more than 6 months. So that doesn’t work either :poop:

Did you have interrupted some uploads?
Please, try to use aws cli to see the pending uploads (use your own parameters):

aws --profile gw-mt-us2 --endpoint s3api list-multipart-uploads --bucket repairtest
aws --profile gw-mt-us2 --endpoint s3api list-multipart-uploads --bucket feb2021


Meh… I use uplink and filezilla. I dont want use aws cli

Then you can remove the bucket with uplink rb sj://myinterruptedbucket --force

No result. After recreate billing show fake usage.As I see it, developers don’t know what product testing is.
No bucket:

New bucket not empty:

Talking about “fake usage” ist not appropriate here. There might be an error - either on your side oder on storj side. That migth happen. But there is no “faking” here.
I’m using storj since months now and did not encounter any wrong data or -worse- “fake usage”.

Please keep you wording polite. And as stated above, this forum is a community forum. Please reach out to the official support and I’m sure they will help you if the problem you found here is valid.



uplink ls --pending sj://feb2021

Output: a lot of 0 byte files.

Please, remove them with --pending option included. Then try to remove a whole bucket.
However, I consider this interesting. The --force should remove them anyway.

Also no result.

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Was it the same metainfo error when running with rb --force command including --pending?

./uplink rb --force --pending sj://feb2021
Error: unknown flag: --pending

I think @Alexey was referring to rm when he said remove. Find them with ls and remove with rm (both with --pending)

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Hi there, thank you for reporting the issue. Do you mind to provide which version of uplink CLI you have? You can get the information by running uplink version

Storj don’t pay for the reported bugs, so… Good luck and determine it yourself

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