Binance - fiat withdraw - credit card

It’s several months that binance doesn’t allow to withdraw using the credit card but only a bank transfer.

Do you know if it’s possible to use another platform to withdraw euro with personal credit card?

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Bybit has card, but they dont have storj, so binanse>sell>transfer usdt to bibyt use card.

ok, I will have a look.
Thank you

You are lucky, I need a reverse and it’s “Bank SWIFT transfers are closed for maintenance”. Only available alternative is p2p, which is not liked by banks.

I have registered to bybit with all documents.
I have transfered some USDT , converted then to EUR but there is no credit card option to withdraw.
Are you sure ?
Maybe an italian restrictions ?
PS I’m in queue with the bybit support …

Are you sure that is available ?


you not withdraw to credit cart, bybit will make card for you and send it to you, you can pay by this card. I am in EU and this work fine for me.

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Uh, so this is really different to use an already existing and personal credit card.
Could you kindly describe how it works ?
It’s still not clear to me

Thanks you

you can order a debit card for free from bybit, and pay by it as normal banking card, you just put USDT or even some other crypto to funding account, and it will directly pay by it.

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You can also trasfer to Revolut, crypto or fiat. I don’t know about Binance policy, but it works from Kraken. You cand withdraw USD to Revolut, from Kraken. The fee is 13$ now. I think it dosen’t work for euro.

As far as I understand, you always can use a p2p to get funds to your card on almost any exchange, include some DEX like LocalCoinSwap, and Binance is not an exclusion.

That’s crazy expensive.