Blank bandwidth and disk space hours

Anyone seen this before? When I look at the logs it seems to be running fine. It is sending and receiving traffic fine. Any suggestions on what to try? It is on Linux in docker.

This happens sometimes for me when the host system is very busy, especially when the drives are currently used extensively. Then it sometimes takes a long time until the dashboard shows the values…


You can check your logs for errors related to databases.
More likely you will see something like “database is locked”. This is mean that your disk is slow and cannot follow the load.
The only solution is to move databases to a more fast disk. See How to move DB’s to SSD on Docker (but use the :latest instead of :beta).

If you do not see such errors, then please, check your databases:

Thanks @alexey! Turns out I had 2 corrupt dbs for some reason. I fixed those and all is good now. Much appreciated.

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