Blueprint: Automatic Account Freezing/Unfreezing

Hello, everyone. We recently published a blueprint that describes a method for automatically restricting the usage limits of paid-tier user accounts who have failed to pay and unrestricting them after payment has been collected. This incentivizes users to ensure that their payment method has a sufficient available balance to cover usage charges. You can find the blueprint here:
Comments are welcome.


Looks great! Step 5 would likely need some way of determining if an email has already been sent, and not send another one in subsequent scans. It may make sense as well, to have an early warning email sent out when balances may be near exhausted but before zero, as freezing an account may be highly disruptive to some systems so providing a courtesy email to advise them ahead of time would be good.


This blueprint talks exclusively about paid tier users, but the segment fees make it possible for free tier user to go over their free tier voucher level as well. Are they intentionally left out?

Thanks for the feedback! A revision to the blueprint has been created which addresses these concerns:

@BrightSilence Free-tier users are intentionally left out because we want to encourage them to stay within their limits in a different way. I’ve made this more explicit in the revision. Thank you.