Blueprint: Paid Tier TLS

Hey all,
The following is a document outlining the design and implementation steps for the paid tier TLS feature (for static hosted sites on linksharing):


I’m not the biggest fan of making this a paid tier only function. It’s going to make it harder to test use cases before making a purchase decision. Furthermore I think TLS everywhere should just be a default.

What’s the rationale behind making this specific features paid tier only?

Ps. It doesn’t help that my account with 1TB limits is marked as a free account, despite having a Store token balance. But that’s less important.


Even with it being a pro-only feature you can still get a pro account for free by simply entering a credit card.

This feature we can hit rate limits fairly quickly from our certificate issuing provider, so we think it will be best to launch this as pro only to have the additional hurdle.

Most concerns that need to be resolved during a trial period are around performance and “does this work”. We will of course continue to evaluate the decision over time and will make adjustments as needed.

We can of course look into fixing your account :grinning: feel free to reach out to support.

We are exploring more ways to differentiate the free and pro accounts, so as always we are open to suggestions.