Both of my nodes have zkSync era opted in but i got a payout on mainnet

Both of my nodes have zkSync Era opted in and I got this transaction on mainnet last night: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

They’ve been opted in since the creation of the node.

If you go into the node dashboard, does the zksync opted in text appear? If it does not, there might be an issue with your config.

If it does shows that, it would seem like a bug from Storj’s side. For me, zkSync era payments have been working fine so far.

On both nodes I see that text. So I don’t think it is a config issue

Could you share the --operator.wallet-features config line you got for the node?

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operator.wallet-features: [‘zksync-era’, ‘zksync’]

In that case you should receive (already) your undistributed payout to zkSync Era.