Brainstorm: help to make engineers welcome?

Hi all! I want you all to have lots of lovely healthy traffic to your nodes. So I am working through some ideas to build out the Engineers side of the forum :smiley:
If anybody has ideas to contribute, please let me know.
So far I am thinking on videos, how-to’s, coding challenges, partnering up with community managers at our partners or across the industry. Im also setting the calendar for those AMAs we’ve mentioned before with my coworkers.

What are some other ways that I can help engineers and developers get excited? (It seems like as many people are working from home now, and everything is happening online, so meetups will be on hiatus for a while.)

Please share your smart brain thoughts here, to be considered in setting my 2020 plans ! :grin:


Some of the dev-oriented topics Im working on

  • Key concepts
  • Macaroons, access, encryption
  • How to back up / migrate a DB
  • Nextcloud integration
  • Connectors, various

Im creating them as quickly as I can, and have some preliminary ranking – Im interested though which topics ppl .( I used to be a full time developer myself and know that anything hands-on is always super useful . )