Brand New Node - Zero Egress Traffic

I started up a brand new storagenode this morning using docker. Everything is working perfectly with one exception. I have already received about 300MB of data. Unfortunately, I have had ZERO egress traffic. Is this normal? Perhaps some time needs to elapse before egress traffic begins to increase?

There is no normal. That’s the short answer. It depends on what customers are doing.

Right now STORJ test patterns still have a large amount of influence. And recently those tests switched to download only. Which means they are downloading data that was uploaded prior to your nodes existence and as a result those downloads aren’t hitting your node.

Be prepared though that it’s going to be harder and harder to explain such traffic patterns. So unless you’re seeing errors, assume the traffic you’re seeing is just what is happening right now.


Thank you very much for the feedback. Just as soon as I clicked “POST” on my message, EGRESS traffic started accumulating. The inconsistent volume of traffic, though understood now, is enough to drive a guy to drinking. :slight_smile: