Brave tips to GitHub account

Speaking of github … I noticed your profile is verified via Brave Creators… but the “tip” notification box indicates that your Creator account is not yet linked with Uphold. I had issues with my own github tipping tests… is your Creator account verified and just doesn’t show it on my particular browser? or have you not yet ventured into the Uphold verification process?

Thanks for the reminder, I set that up a while back but never actually finished the process. Should be fixed now.

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I’ll send you some BAT when the status updates… (if it updates, github seems quirky)

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I appreciate the gesture, but you really don’t have to. Honestly I did it mostly to check how it works and get automatic attention tokens. I build this stuff for the fun of it anyway.

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What could be better than getting a little coin doing something for fun !

There should be a thread where github contributors can announce that they are Brave verified.