Bridge/send STORJ from L1 to zksync ERA

Did anybody manage to do this? Knows how to?

I would also be interested in this, how can ZKsync legacy be transferred to ERA

you send erc20 first back to L1 ethereum, then its the same question :wink:

eth and usdc can be directly be bridged via e.g.: orbiter bridge.

But why? What’s the point transferring between the two? Liquidity on Era is even worse than on Lite.

You may try to use STORJ directly on Bitrefill to top-up balance, they now have a new feature using Li.Fi and support of multiple chains, include zkSync Era.
However I did not try that yet.
Hm, for zkSync Era STORJ is not listed yet. Perhaps for the same reason - low liquidity.

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It will appear if you enter the zksync era contract address but last I checked not enough liquidity was available to be able to use it yet


to provide liquity, 20chars says no routes available, but knows the token. thats something

however sending the storj to the contract adress via metamask seems not to work, byby two StorJ tokens i used to test :confused:

I do not think that you should send tokens to the token contract, you likely need only confirm the call of the method of this contract.
Could you show a TX?
I do not see any TX to the STORJ token contract on zkSync Era, so maybe nothing lost?

Its all on L1.
Found out how NOT to do it. Nevermind.

How did storj get the tokens to era?

With a scripts suggested by Matter Labs. Why?
What’s exactly your issue? We want to try to help.

Want to move storj to era to provide a bit liquidity.

But i can also wait for the next payouts. So don’t worry. Still learning.

Look on L1 haha. Stupid me… :joy:

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I’ve done worse! Because 20 chars

I just looked into my Bitrefill account and saw this

For some reason I couldn’t connect my wallet with the Metamask extension in Firefox, but it worked with Chromium.

So it looks like it would work, though I don’t have anything yet in zkSync Era to test it. Anybody want to try it out?

@all: be aware of a scammer sending PMs when you post in this thread. I got the following message from a user with 0 posts here after posting in this thread

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Please report it, and we will delete this scammer.

@Alexey storj is now listed it seems

on txBridge • Transfer funds between Ethereum and zkSync

I am able to select STORJ on L1 Ethereum-mainnet and send it to ERA.
Noticed the fees (and i did swap my tokens on L1 already, so just good to know.
Maybe someone else wants to provide liquidity, i will wait until I have some on era directly earned.