Bringing a node to life offline?

I have a node already that is humming along. I want to spin up a second node and put it in a different location. I want to get this node working as much as I can offline so that I don’t have any issues between the two node. Also don’t want to present the new node to the storj network and then be offline for hours while I move and setup the new location.
I also don’t want to have to configure it to use a different port and open that up on my network and get it all working to then move to the new location and have to change anything there and then shut ports down at home, etc.

Can I bring the new node to life completely offline? Configure it to the point that it should work if the network was open, then move it to the new location, setup that network and then present the node to the storj network?

it would be complicated to pull the storagenode container without internet access. I imagine it could be done with some effort, but probably not very straightforward. I would wait until your environment is complete to avoid weird edge cases.

I am assuming I will need to have some internet connectivity to install docker and download all the software / dependencies, but I don’t want it to connect to any satellites at this location, then have down time/failures while I move it and then setup at new place…

I won’t have extended time at the second location. I will need to get in, power up, make sure SN looks ok, do the port forward and firewall settings, make sure SN shows online and check logs for connectivity, then get out.
I don’t want to spend hours there and it’s over an hour away…

At your remote site, get in, power up, install your SSH keys or VPN access, install storagenode remotely later. If you don’t have control over that there, does your client know what you are doing :grin:

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You can just prepare a script to do this. Create and sign the identity beforehand then use the script to spin up the node.

Yeah it’s my crazy aunt’s house. I just don’t want to talk or smell the cig smoke. And make sure I don’t go during meal times!
Going to put the node in the basement away from the smoke, do the modem settings, and go…

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Sounds like you’re using your aunts connection for a little extra income on the side. Might want to be a bit nicer about it. Anyway, I’d prepare an identity and a setup script. Should take you no more than a few minutes.