Buckets on the satellite web interface

Today I started testing tardigrade. I created a bucket and uploaded a file. On https://europe-west-1.tardigrade.io/buckets , my bucket was nowhere to be seen and there was still a message like “create your first bucket now”.

As a new user, this is quite frustrating…

After like 5 minutes my bucket appeared, but it says I have no objects. At least there’s now a message saying it takes an hour to update.

So yeah, my first impressions could have been better :upside_down_face:


Now that the banner has been added to advise there is an hour delay with the data displayed, i don’t personally think this is an issue.

3 hours later: “Egress Used” still shows 0.0000 GB, while in the Overview, it shows 2 GB / 25 GB.

I’m over 12 hours later and Egress used is still at 0.