Buff/cache High

I installed my second node this week in ubuntu vm, all is working good but i noticed that it’s using more than 3GB of ram as cache, it’s normal ?
HDD : ironwolf 4 mounted as lvm and formatted to ext4
Disk i/o and network activity are low

Proxmox doesnt show actual used ram If you wanna see used ram check in htop inside the VM , I wouldnt go by the dashboard to check used ram. If you use ZFS it will use arc as caching.

Heres mine


is normal, ubuntu not manage ram like other systems.

The system, allocate all available ram and use it as a cache for most frequent operations…in case the system require ram, it get disallocated. The ram managed by all unix like system is very efficent and will not cause system crash because is 100% in use. You can rise the ram even to 32GB, and slowly your system will eat them all. Dont worry, your system\node is fine.

Keep in mind that the swap partition exist exactly for swapping the ram.


Thank you
Proxmox show used ram by process + buffer/cache ram, storagenode is using less than 300Mib of ram but the rest of available ram is used by cache/buffer, i think kernel is using it for I/O buffers / disk cache

Thanks for the clarification, i understand better now how linux is working.