Bug on mkv video

i upload a .mkv files it has no audio
Processing: Screenshot_20230131-214445.png…
please fix it thanks manjaro team

Hi @ssrv2023
For the audio to play it must be in a compatible format, which the browser supports. It looks like you’re using Android so it should be one of these - Supported media formats  |  Android Developers

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no, i uploaded a video type .mkv when play it there is no audio, audio is muted or removed

Storj can’t possibly edit any file you upload, since they are client side encrypted and they don’t have access to your data. So the audio was definitely not removed from the file. It’s a playback issue.
You can confirm this by downloading the file. It will still have the original audio.

Also, mkv is just a container, that container will have an audio stream that still needs to be encoded in a supported format to play.


oh thank for this so the is this there

[fix] i found a way for the audio to play, copy download link, then paste to vlc link mkv audio will play if youre using puma browser copy the video link it works to