Building a media streaming setup with storj?

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well and staying safe. Firstly a big thank you to those that helped me with my last post. Basically, my situation is this I have a media collection and I’m running both macOS and iOS. I want to create a media streaming set up using sstorj That will allow me to stream my media to myself. What’s the best way of going about this? What are peoples recommendations and advice please? I’ve been trying to think about this for a few weeks now but I’m a bit stuck, so help and advice would be much appreciated. Looking forward to your thoughts everyone :slight_smile: thank you very much everyone :slight_smile:

I used plex and mountain duck which mounts a drive and I point plex to that drive and it allowes me to stream.

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You may configure rclone instead of Mountain Duck and mount the bucket with rclone mount command, then use Plex.

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Would I be correct in assuming that for the server to always be running? I’ll have to run it on a VPS?

Yes, it’s. You need to host Plex server somewhere, not necessarily VPS.