Built a sample Android app for Tardigrade, feedback please!

Hello all,

Very excited to be joining this community. I saw the general Tardigrade release from March 19th, saw there was an Android compatible uplink library, and decided to build a proof of concept app on top of it. It is very limited right now but I wanted to get something out there. Would love to help contribute to this community and would love feedback on the app and help with the direction I should take with it.

Thank you!


That super amazing! How was building on the Android library?


Went well! A couple minor things. I wasn’t able to get it working on the emulator. When I do more testing I’ll submit an issue on the uplink-android repo. Also, the code samples use AsyncTask which as of upcoming Android R will be deprecated. Maybe worth updating those to use coroutines in the future.

Pleasantly surprised with how well it worked!


Hey @octohub that is so cool ! great work. How much time did it take you to pull that together? Im always interested to hear about the ramping up process. Were there any points of friction?

Also, I notice your mention of the things you’re still roughing out. It would be really interesting to hear how that goes. Are you planning to polish it up yourself, or are you looking for collaborators?


Hey! Took me about 20 hours of work. Very straightforward. Would love to get some collaborators on it! I think to get it in a place where it touches every piece of the uplink sdk surface would be awesome. What do ya’ll think?

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I agree! I also understand that you’ve got a podcast @octohub since I’m in the process of also putting together some community content, let’s chat sometime soon . Maybe there some way we can boost the signal and get you some ppl who might turn into collaborators on your project. Open to ideas :slight_smile:

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Is this open source? Is it possible to share specific buckets with people via link? Is it possible to build on IOS as well? What about a desctop app?

I’d be very interested in chatting with you! Already getting the Storj name out there, in my show last week I talk about Dharma and Storj. Feel free to reach out to me at dick@nogradient.com!

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It is open source but not published to Google Play. Currently no sharing capabilities, not on iOS or desktop. It’s really just a proof of concept at this point!


For those interested I’ll be demoing the app at 7PM eastern US time at an online demo event called Drinks on Tap, come check it out and happy to talk about!


Is it possible to accessed buckets via ipfs link and can I grant access only to certain public keys for specific buckets?

so for example i want to create a private blog which i want to share with some friends. i want to store all data on storj and want to give access to certain blog post to specific friends for watching only (no download) and they have to pay every time they access it. probably i need a server for that or how could this work?

The ipfs is not needed here. You can share the static site directly from Tardigrade:

However, you will pay for any access to that site, because to be able to show the page the browser should download the page. For your account it would be an egress traffic.

If you want that your friends have to pay for it you have a different ways to do it:

  • Implement some payments options for viewing of the content (I think it’s already exist somewhere);
  • you friends should have an Tardigrade account and share the bucket for site to you. You will put a content to that bucket and any downloads from that bucket (views) will be paid by the account owner, i.e. your friends. However in this case you will be unable to prevent the changes, because the owner have full rights to the account.
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