Can you make an Android app to use a Tardigrade?

would it be possible to create an app which i can use to upload content into a private bucket and when i want to share content i click “share” and the app automatically creates a static page out of the content in a private bucket and uploads it to a public bucket. Every time the content in the private bucket changes the public buckets (static pages) gets updated? Is this possible or how would you solve it?

Also could i create a tardigrade contact list and only people in this contact list can see my public buckets (static pages)?

this is the solution i would use. Could I implement my own token and they have to pay with my personal token to access the content?

You can share a bucket with your friends right now, but not via Android app.

  1. You need to setup an uplink CLI
  2. You need to create a bucket
  3. Create a shared access
    3.1. To limit an access:
  4. Give the shared link to your friends.

Every time, when you update or upload something to that bucket, they (and anyone who have a link) can see that.
If you want to create a static site based on that bucket, you can do it either with an uplink:

or with an s3 gateway:

You can use this Android app for the managing of your buckets at the moment, but I think there would be more: