Buying hard drives

I had this idea recently to buy a 10TB drive to upgrade my main node. I recently bought a external Seagate drive because I wanted to get a cheap good drive because I had learned they put iron wolf pros in them. The cost of the drive that I bought was 219 CAD well to my surprise I opened up the external hard drive an behold I was lucky and got a 370 cad plus tax drive for 219 dollars on Amazon what was inside is a ST10000NE0008.

Link to the drive

Link to Amazon Seagate Expansion Desktop 10TB External Hard Drive HDD - USB 3.0 for PC Laptop (STEB10000400),Black

Your luck may vary as Seagate uses different drive in there external hard drive lineup just wanted to share my experience.


I sugest you to search this HDD HDD|TOSHIBA|10TB|SATA 3.0|256 MB|7200 rpm|3,5"|MG06ACA10TE
it is Toshiba enterprice level hdd, with flash cash, even on power loss, it not lose data from cash.
and it has 5y warety.
As Toshiba is not so popular as seagate or WD, it is even cheaper.

I just bought a 12Tb dell Helium HDD manufactured by seagate. it was around 170e because when they were working with it someone made a small scuff on the side of it. And the costumer didn’t want it so they sold me a brand new hdd. Preaty much unused for a fraction of a price.

And yes they send over the hdd diagnostics which passed and took nearly a week to run.

It is for a storage node that will go into DC which will have around 24tb of storage in dell r210