Bypass Storj DCS’s signup process

Here is how I use Storj:

  1. Signup/Create account at
  2. Create Bucket / Get access key
  3. Use the access key to interact with Storj via Uplink

Signing up(step 1) is not very decentralized, imo.

Is step 1 absolutely necessary?

Is there another way for a user to create account/identity/access key directly without signing up with Storj DCS?

And since we are here, how do third-party apps create accounts for their users? There must be a way these apps interact with the network directly. But how?

At the moment - yes

At the moment - no

There is no way to do so at the moment and not needed.
They can create a bucket and allow users to use their own encryption phrase for their prefix inside the bucket. The users will be unable to see data of other users, because they are encrypted with their encryption phrase. But the owner of the account can delete data of specific user, if they will stop pay for example.
As an edge case with extra security such customers could make a bucket per user.

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