Calculation of earning

I’m new to Storj. I set up a storage node 2 days ago and noticed that only Egress traffic is counted towards payments. Ingress traffic isnt.
Is that expected?

At the moment I see 400 MB Egress and 17 GB Ingress. Only 400 MB shows up in payout information.

Thank you


Yes, that´s the expected behaviour.

Payments are made calculating:

  • Storage used (at 1.5 USD per TB*month)
  • Egress traffic (at 20 USD per Tb)
  • Egress repair traffic (at 10 USD per Tb)

Also, please remember that first month there is some held amounts: Held-Amount and Payouts

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Oh, Thank you.

Hmm, thats a shame that the vast majority of traffic isnt paid.
By the way, Isnt that a attack-vector?

Lets say a malicious player (pumps data into the network (which is basically free) and then deletes it without ever downloading it?) <-repeat

That way the network is loaded with high traffic, but isnt making any revenue.

Probably that´s the reason why there is a limit in request per second a client can make to the system.

However, the payments and billing strategy is a matter of Storj / Tardigrade, so I suppose maybe someone in the staff can answer in a more accurate way to this than me :smiley:

Think of it this way, ingress traffic leads to stored data, which is paid every month. In essence this is more valuable than egress, which is only paid once.

There is little to gain from that and the storage still needs to be paid. If you want to do this with any significant amount, it’ll take a while to upload and again to delete. So it’ll still cost you and it wouldn’t get you any advantage. This would also only use ingress bandwidth on nodes, which is usually much higher than egress anyway. Because of how distributed these transfers are, you’re not going to saturate those connections to begin with.

So, you’d need massive resources to even come close to slow down the network, it will cost you and you would have to perform this attack using a registered account. The risk is pretty much 0.


And there is also the request throttling in Tardigrade also. A single account cannot send 10kreq/s to the API :smiley: