Calculator questions

Hi, I have a question. When I specify a 1 tb hard drive, the calculator only seems to predict that half the specified capacity will ever be used. Why is this?

FYI this is not a calculator but a rough estimator of what may be some ballpark figure you could earn for certain configurations. The assumption is that your node is not completely full nor completely empty. This is a simplification. We are aware that it is not going to give you exact amounts of what you will actually earn. When you first start your node, none of the shared space is used, and over time, more and more will be occupied by data. You do not get paid for space that is not filled with data yet. So we picked a half-full node to give potential SNOs an idea what they may be earning over time, with the assumption the disk is only half full. There is no way to actually predict how fast the alloted space will actually be filling up once you bring the node online, since data is uploaded by real customers and there will not be a constant predictable flow of data all the time (unlike in mining).


Thank you for the explanation. I have one more quick question. What are the recommended storage node size now 8 tb?

There is no maximum size. You should just use whatever hardware you already have available, and not purchase any new hardware just for running a storage node on Storj. It would be unlikely that you would get ROI in any reasonable time if you did specifically buy hardware or rent an internet connection just for using it to run a node.