Calculator reporting that network speed is rewarded over capacity

When I dial in my network settings :
Download: 59 mb/sec
Upload: 5.7 mb/sec

When I move up the download and upload speed, I get over $1000 dollars per month. Is this a glitch in the estimator, or would connect a few tb to an office network(fast symmetrical connection) earn more than tens or tb on my current network? Also is my network ready for daily use and 20 tb?

IIRC they pay you $1.5 for storing 1TB for a month and $10-20 for uploading that 1TB back to the client.
So yea, 100TB on a 10mbps line would not earn a lot (and it would take a lot of time just to fill that 100TB).

But the more capacity you have, the more chances that some of the files will be downloaded from you.

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The calculator basically estimates what is possible. But you’re unlikely seeing that amount of egress use especially if you don’t have much data stored. It’s more like an upper bound.


Realistically, would my connection(59 mb/sec rx and 5.7mb/sec tx) be enough to fill a 20 tb raid setup in a couple months?

Your connection is not going to be the limiting factor. I have 500/500mbit and after three months of fairly heavy testing I have 3.4TB stored. This isn’t mining, you only get as much data as is uploaded to the network by customers.

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The same on my side (500/500, 3.5TB data allocated)

Same for me. Since this is not mining, you cannot expect the connection to be saturated 24/7. It depends on how much data the clients upload and how many nodes there are.

One scenario: there are very few clients and those clients do not upload a lot of data. Your node may sit empty for months.

It’s an estimate based on the network saturation. Set it to like 10% right now and you’ll likely be looking at what’s close. You have it set way to high for current testing. I have 940/940 with 3.6TB stored. Not worth it to spend any money right now.

Uff :(.
Week ago I order faster link (originaly had 30/5, now have 300/30), link is delivered a bit better (305/35), but no change on my node, still recieving/transmitting same speed (link change occured last day, graph is from last week).

So, only when Tardigrade customers begin upload faster is my faster link usable?

This is not mining. There’s almost no relations between your hardware and usage of the node.
Of course, hardware plays role, but not so significant as for mining.
Your hardware should be just reliable enough to be online and with all customers’ data in safe.