Can an Access Grant (token, name, permissions, buckets, etc.) be created programatically?

Hi, I’d like to know if there is an API to generate an Access Grant instead of going through the UI/Uplink CLI.


There is libuplink and various bindings for different programming languages.

In particular the method uplink package - -

You do need an initial access grant or api key to get started but after that you can create as many as you want.

Is this what you are looklng for?

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I was considering a multi tenant application. I’d need to create a bucket per user with their own Access Grant to that bucket, right? Maybe I’m thinking about this the wrong way?

You can do that, especially useful if users would provide an encryption phrase. To make it happen, you need to create an API key (access token): Create Access Grant in CLI - Storj DCS and use it as a seed.
Then you can create an access grant for each bucket with users’ encryption phrase and this access token. As result - you would not have an access to users’ information, but can remove it if needed (because you are the owner of the project). And only users can have an access to their information.
Of course, you should not keep access grant anywhere except user’s device.

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