Can CLI install be done in Ubuntu server LTS desktop environment too?

I had once done a CLI install on Ubuntu server LTS with headers.
I want to know if I can do a multiple setup of multiple nodes in UBUNTU SERVER LTS GNOME Desktop environment.
Any suggestions?

Why would you think that a desktop environment would interfere with a storage node? Just follow the docs and install it.


Thanks for the heads up. It would be great to install it in Desktop environment, since I can do other things too.
That’s all!

Gnome desktop has file tracking features which run at somewhat unpredictable times and can cause your system to slow down considerably.

I would not recommend running Gnome desktop in its default configuration.


you can install on desktop environment, then disable it, reenable it, as you wish:

This is what i’m doing.


Tracker still runs…

Really Disable Gnome Tracker


I was thinking to use qbitorrent and share the downloaded file to LAN and set my PC as a local server too. Does the tracker have any role to play along the way?