Can I create a second node behind the same public IP address with a new Auth Token?

Can I create a second node behind the same public IP address with a new Auth Token? Do I need a new public IP to create the second node?

Only open another node if your first node is full. Having more than 1 node won’t give you more data. Instead your bandwidth will be divided in 2 nodes. This isn’t like mining where you get more GPUs/ASICs to make more money. I hope that helped :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the advice. Assuming bandwidth isn’t an issue can one add another node using the same public IP or is a new Public IP required or better?

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Yes, you can. But each new node should be vetted first. The vetting node can receive only 5% of possible traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on the satellite, it should pass 100 audits for it.
Normally it should take at least a month for the one node.

In case of multi setup, all your nodes behind the same subnet /24 of public IPs will be treated as a one node, so this small amount of traffic will be distributed between all your nodes. And the vetting process will be in the same times longer as the number of your nodes.

This is why it’s better to setup a second node only when the first one almost full. In this case the vetting process would not take forever.


Is the best solution for building a storj farm with many nodes to have different locations with different public IP addresses for each node? So, if I want to have 10 separate nodes I would have 10 different public IP addresses?

Yes. In a different subnets. Even better - in the different physical locations.

Anyone have the full steps on how to

how do i know my node is finished vetting? is there any message on the dashboard?

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No message on dashboard but you can use audit scripts to find out if your node has passed 100 audits or not.

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