Can I create node on old PC with IDE HDD?

I have installed Linux on old PC. There is only IDE HDD supported. Can I make second node? Or is it low speed with IDE drive?

You should be able to, oof the system isn’t from <+/-2005. Since it’s also a second node, you probably will get less ingress then when you would be running only one node. So, it probably will suffice.

A bigger concern for me would be the fact, you need to keep two systems running. That’s quite power intensive, especially if you don’t use the PC for other purposes. So, you might even be better of using an USB-IDE adapter (powered) and run a 2nd node on your system on which you’re running the first node.

Just some thoughts from my side.

Although not IDE I also have a plan to setup a node on U320 SCSI drives. Now ,the largest SCSI drive is 300GB so it means doing some kind of RAID but I figure it will be an interesting test.

It should work. And it will not be slower too much, the IDE has a speed from 5MB/s to 133MB/s depending on used mode and model: Parallel ATA - Wikipedia
The main problem could be a 32 bit CPU, because we doesn’t have a 32 bit x86 binaries, but you may try to build it.

Indeed, so your CPU probably hasn’t to be older than 2005. Although emulation might be possible, it’s probably not worth it: virtualization - How can I emulate an amd64 system on an i386 system? - Ask Ubuntu

Besides the fact, the CPU’s from then are probably very power hungry in comparison to CPU’s nowadays.

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So probably dosen’t hit more then 80MB/s, witch is OK…ish for storagenodes.
I wonder how big is the drive? ATA-5 allows for 128GB drives; ATA-6 from 2005 and up allows drives in PB range, but I can’t find info about drives larger than 750GB, witch for a storagenode is just waste of energy.

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