Can i Delete log data?

Hi, can i delete the log data? Ist over 1,1GB :sweat_smile:
Thanks for Info

Yes you can or you can keep it safe in another drive or google drive. When your node gets in trouble, logs are very very very helpful.

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Thats True. I create a new one.

I deleted the node.log file earlier which is redirected to my node HD and was getting up over 6GB …
I noticed it did not automagically re-create the node.log file so I stopped and started the node - that fixed the node create and the log file is working again however now I see -6.3GB of disk - before I did it it was +50MB … yes, MB, not sure why its used so much - I have it set to 1.7TB for a 2TB drive… anyway I deviate …
Anyone know why I’m seeing a -ve disk capacity now?

Bandwidth N/A 1.3 TB 157.9 GB 1.1 TB (since May 1)
Disk -6.3 GB 1.7 TB


Further - maybe its just the successrate script that messed up ?

Disk has 148G free :
/dev/sda 1.8T 1.6T 148G 92% /media/storjdisk

Dashboard shows
Disk Space Remaining

and still shows
Available Used Egress Ingress
Bandwidth N/A 1.3 TB 160.2 GB 1.1 TB (since May 1)
Disk -6.3 GB 1.7 TB

Just realised, I assume, that the disk remaining reflect the storagenode config ie in my case remaining disk from the 1.7GB specified in the docker command not the not the actual HDD size… right? That explains why it might have been legitimately down to 50MB …

Still dont understand why removing a ~6GB node.log file results in a -6GB remaining disk space …


Why not use something like logrotate?

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Yea, in hindsight I guess I probably should :roll_eyes:

If you delete a file which is still in use, the process still writes to the file descriptor. So the file is not gone yet. A better way to do it is emptying the file with something like echo > /path/to/logfile

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