Can I embed an uploaded video into a site?

I understand a video I upload is hosted on IPFS already, right? Can I then embed the video onto a web2 or web3 site in place of using a youtube link? Is this even usable like Pinata or would I go straight to Pinata and forget using Storj?

Storj DCS does not “store” files on IPFS, though IPFS pinning using STORJ DCS as the storage layer is possible (stay tuned for more.)

However, for video streaming, you may be more interested in these options:



I think I found the best solution via Pinata. I love Storj’s command line since it could be integrated w/ other programs. The private streaming service sounds legit. Will check it out, thank you @heunland.

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You upload to DC’s get the link and then embedded it as a video in the html