Can I force repair on my HDD?

I was forced to migrate one of my nodes from separate standalone PC with ubuntu to proxmox virtual server. During the process I lost my data(around 3TB) because of the partition process. Can I force repair?

If by “force repair” you mean downloading all data you lost from the network, then no, you can’t do that. Your node ist lost.

If your HDD was only formatted and nothing written to it, then you might be able to save that data with recovery tools.

But I can see some repair traffic is comming

If you lost your data you will get disqualified within days.
As you can see you already have 59 recoverable audit failures. Soon you will have unrecoverable audit failures because the data is gone. Then you will get disqualified.

The repair traffic coming in is not to repair your node, it is data that other nodes (just like yours) lost.

hmm I am pretty sure repair upload is just recovered files on my storagenode (upload from satellite to my mode)

no it is not… please read the documents

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it will not recover your files, you got recoveres other nodes files.
if you lost data thats it, system cant trust you any more.

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Now I would like to know how fast the system detects the lost data.


Any update on this @chardak?
Did you let your node run to see how it evolves and how long it takes to get DQualified?
I’m curious too :slightly_smiling_face:

no more than 24 hours