Can I get hack for running a storj node?

can I get hack for running a storj node?
I have to do port forwarding, which is not an issue, the problem might be the service at the end which is the storj node?
how secure is it the risk to run a node in our home network?

Everything you expose to the public internet carries some risk. A storagenode is no different. However, it’s relatively low complexity compared to something like a webserver. It doesn’t execute or interpret any incoming data. It just verifies and stores it. The code is also open source so anyone could audit it for vulnerabilities. Personally I think the risk is negligible.

If you can isolate your StorageNode in docker or a Windows / Linux VM, and use a dedicated local acount for this instance (with an password different from what you use elsewhere) it mitigate part of the risk.

If you isolate your StorageNode on a separate VLAN from your home network, it mitigate part of the risk.


Just remeber that there is always a risk, just way to lower it :slight_smile: