Can I get some explanations on the Node Dashboard?

Hello Guys!

I’m running a Storj node for 1 month at this moment so I’m kinda new to this. FYI, I’m running a single node on my dedicated server I use for personnal stuff and it’s running quite good right now.

I have a question regarding the Node dashboard so let me base my question on the following picture :slight_smile:

Basically, I get all the information on the dashboard expect for the unit on the used disk space for the month. Here it is 3.96TBh but in the payout section the unit is TBm.

I have the feeling that m is for month and h for hour but can someone explain how to understand this graph and the units also?

Thank a lot guys! :slight_smile:

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Hello @nadrelaxe,

the unit TBxh will be calculated over the whole month. You can calculate it by yourself if you want. Just divide your value by number of days for the month. Then you have the unit TBxm.

Wouldn’t there be 720 TBh in a 30 day month (24*30) ?

I was under the assumption that the payout is $1.50 * (TBh on the dashboard ) / (24 * (days in month))

I’m pretty sure that’s how it used to work, but I haven’t had a node up in a long while (until last week). So my info might be out of date. I’d be much happier if I will be earning 24X what I thought I would for strorage :slight_smile:

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Hello @Bitcoin_Brian,

I would suppose that also instead of dividing only by the number of days.
So that means, from the payout point of view, I need to reach 720TB*h to have the $1.50 payout am I right?

Anyway, thanks for the answer guys! :smiley:

Yes, except Storj always uses the average of 730 hours per month, regardless of how long a month actually is. So TBh/730 = TBm.

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Good to know thank you! :smiley: